Your Child’s First Dental Visit

Baby's first dentist appointmentThe American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) recommends that a “Dental Home” should be established for your child by one year of age. We recommend that your child visits our office when you notice the first teeth appearing and no later than their 1st birthday.

At Kuhio Pediatric Dental we want you and your child to have an enjoyable visit, it always helps to know what to expect:

Prepare your child for the visit:

A visit to the dentist should be a positive experience. First, start by explaining in a positive way to your child all about their teeth and how to take care of them. You can also play “pretend dentist visit” using a toothbrush and counting your child’s teeth. There are many picture books in easy to understand language you will also find helpful by reading to them before their appointment. The key is getting them more familiar with the routine so that they are more comfortable for the “real” visit.

Baby visits:

During this visit, it is very important that we get to know each other. This is a very educational visit focused on preventive care, we will demonstrate the best way to take care of your baby’s teeth and address your concerns. We let the child sit on their parent’s lap to establish trust and promote a happy visit, parents are encouraged to be “quiet and helpful observers”during the exam, this allows the interaction between dentist and child to develop smoothly. It is recommended that we see your child every 3 to 6 months to closely follow their dental development, detect any issues early and help you to establish protective oral health habits.

Visits for children 3 years and older:

Older children should visit our office usually every 6 months. We will continue to closely follow your child’s oral development and detect any dental problems in an early manner. It is also important that we determine your child’s vulnerability to caries by performing a caries-risk assessment.

During this visit we:

  • Examine their teeth, intraoral and extraoral structures to detect any problems.
  • Take digital X-rays to examine places that we cannot see during the exam.
  • Perform a comprehensive cleaning which includes brushing, polishing, and flossing.
  • Inquire about your child’s oral hygiene routine and detect any habits that might be harmful.
  • Discuss possible treatment options, answer all your questions and make sure that you are comfortable with the treatment plan.
  • Give recommendations on how to take care of your child’s oral health and develop an oral hygiene plan.

Baby's first dental visitParents play a fundamental role in their child’s oral health and are welcome to accompany the child during the exams and cleanings. This gives the child the opportunity to gradually ease into the dental visit routine while learning to trust the dentist and staff. Also, it is a great opportunity to discuss your concerns, dental treatments, and oral hygiene recommendations.

During further treatment appointments, we suggest that the child is allowed into the treatment room accompanied by the dentist and staff. We believe that this helps to improve communication and achieve better rapport with your child. However, if you choose to, one parent is more than welcome to accompany their child through this experience; for the safety and comfort of the children siblings and other companions should remain in the reception room.

At Kuhio Pediatric Dental, we encourage you to consult with our staff or dentist any concerns that you may have regarding your child’s first visit.

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